Bella Mina Design is Mid-Missouri’s Home Staging Expert

Staging the perfect home takes a lot of skill and expertise. Lucky for Mid Missouri, Bella Mina Design is here to help with a team of dedicated designers who specialize in creating beautiful spaces! We utilize years of design experience to artfully stage homes of all types, including residential, new construction and those that’re for sale. Bella Mina Design always provides exceptional customer service, and uses top-tier products, for a finished result that exceeds client expectations. By working hand-in-hand with clients through each step of the home staging process, we assure that your home is in its best possible state for house guests or potential buyers to enjoy.


Why Should You Stage Your Mid Missouri Residential Home?

Home staging is a form of visual merchandising used to make a property feel larger, more valuable and largely livable. Bella Mina Design is proud to offer premium home staging services in Columbia, Mo that consistently shorten a property’s time on the housing market.

When staging your listing, Bella Mina Design will give your rooms purpose, warmth, beauty, and function, creating an environment where potential buyers can envision themselves growing with their families. We stage rooms to appear large and luxurious, emphasizing focal points that add to the properties value.

Bella Mina Design considers our upscale staging work an investment rather than an expense. Investing in a well-staged home can even add thousands of dollars to your final selling price. The Bella Mina Design company strives to stay budget friendly at all times, always giving our Mid-Missouri clients the best possible price. It’s not meant to cover up any negative aspects of the home but to accentuate the positive features of your residence and show buyers the potential that the space holds.

The Importance of Home Staging for Your Online Listing

Having an up-to-date, visually appealing online listing is vital to selling a used or new residential home. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, 95 percent of people use the Internet as a primary component of their home search. To take high-ranking photos that attract attention, your home must first be well-staged. Bella Mina Design can help make sure that your home shows well both in person and online, further increasing the chances of a sale!

Bella Mina Design’s Home Staging Process in Columbia, Mo

At Bella Mina Design we look forward to learning the design preferences of each of our clients. With their goals in mind, we exercise immense creativity to put an expert, affordable touch to residential properties. Years of experience and success stories have aided in developing our Bella Mina home staging process that works for each unique clients. Our team of highly-experienced interior and exterior designers will be at your side every step of the way for guidance, questions and support. We’re in it together, and here’s how:

Step 1: Let’s Chat

As a new client of Bella Mina Design, the home staging process will begin by meeting with one of our kind, talented, design professionals. We want to get to know you, and to gather the necessary information to help us materialize your vision. By the end of this first encounter, we can move forward with the project and have a firm understanding of the type of home staging wanted and the style that it should embody.

Step 2: Visit the Site

Visiting the staging site is the next step before the style of home can be determined. The onset location allows our designers to get a better idea of how involved the project will be and what materials will be needed. With a sense of the properties size, shape and condition, we can give our best price quote and timeline for the exciting project to come.

Step 3: Furniture Shopping and Transportation

Our designers are trained to find a room's focal point and complement it with furniture that best fits your space. Bella Mina often uses local vendors in Columbia, Mo, for furniture that will work best within each room's space. Marketing an empty space verses marketing a staged space makes a great deal of difference in selling your home. Bella Mina Designs also includes home staging transportation services to easily get your large furniture pieces to the site. Our company then takes all leftover materials and packs them away for future use, unless a buyer is interested in purchasing the items.

Step 4: Staging Your Mid Missouri Property

This is our favorite step in the home staging process, where our designer instincts can flourish! Bella Mina Design gives clients the option to give as much input as they’d like on how they envision the style of the home. If your hands are full or interior design isn’t your forte, Bella Mina Design is happy to take the project from here. After the furniture is perfectly placed and the home is staged to meet our high standards, it’ll be ready to photograph and show. We are happy to use our exquisite design techniques to stage any home throughout Mid Missouri.

How Long Does Bella Mina Home Staging Take?

Bella Mina Design’s home staging service usually takes about a week or less to set up, depending on the size of the space.

Begin Home Staging with Bella Mina Design Today!

Contact Bella Mina Design today for a free consultation on home staging services. Together, we can strengthen the appearance of your home and increase its overall value! Bella Mina Design will always strive to stay budget friendly, giving our Mid-Missouri clients the best possible price.